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Logisticians - ALS201102


Applied Logistics Services is soliciting resumes for a Logistics Management Specialist.Analyzes, evaluates, and reviews proposed and existing logistics policies and related issues of high visibility to the Department of Defense/Department of Navy and the Marine Corps. Policies in question pertain to logistics programs encompassing planning, acquisitions, fielding, and management of highly complex systems of high monetary value, characterized by new and emerging technologies; use of new or innovative military strategies; unusual fielding requirements; and special or unusual training, storage, or shipping. As a logistics subject matter expert - oversees and monitors planning and implementation of complex logistics programs for cradle-to-grave life cycle management. 

Responsibilities: Responsible for providing acquisition logistics analysis support for an office or section in most or all of the acquisition logistics elements (i.e., maintenance planning; manpower and personnel; supply support; support and test equipment; training and training devices; technical data; computer resources support; packaging, handling, storage, transportation, and facilities requirements planning) for Integrated / Acquisition Logistics Support and/or Foreign Military Sales programs.

Education/Skills Required: Associates Degree. Requires a general knowledge of Integrated/Acquisition Logistics Support processes.Needs strong management and organizational skills and ability to perform detail-oriented work. Position may require some travel. 

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ALS, Inc. 209 E. Walnut St. Odon, Indiana 47562 (812) 636-0006

Applied Logistics Services is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer.

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