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Logistics Support


ALS provides acquisition logistics support services, and life-cycle logistics support, for various Navy and Marine weapons systems. Our core team possesses over 38 years of experience in acquisition logistics and in-service management of expendable ordnance items for the Navy. Our emphasis on ‘applied’ logistics translates into focused support, executed on time, at minimum cost to the customer.


  • Acquisition Logistics: ALS performs Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Acquisition Logistics support services including logistics planning documentation for the various logistics elements (Design Interface, Maintenance Planning, Manpower & Personnel, Support Equipment, Technical Data, Training & Training Support, Computer Resources Support, Facilities, Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation.)

  • In-Service Logistics: ALS provides expertise in support of fielded (in-service) weapons systems and military expendables and equipment. This includes imposing formal ILS documentation on previously non-compliant systems and equipment – identifying logistics shortcomings and corrective actions.

  • Ordnance Logistics: ALS provides in-service logistics support for ordnance systems with an emphasis on inventory management and reporting, inventory accuracy, stockpile distribution, and stockpile surveillance. ALS provides inventory analysis services including Program Management functions with regard to the Non-Combat Expenditure Allocation (NCEA) and Non-Nuclear Ordnance Requirement (NNOR). ALS is compliant with DOD Explosive Ordnance safety instructions and maintains a drug-free workplace through random urinalysis testing of employees working with explosives and ammunition (EA).

  • Training: ALS has extensive experience in all aspects of training – curriculum development and implementation, course development and instruction, and training materials development and fielding. ALS operators have conducted New Equipment Training (NET) in the field. ALS has trained Field Service Representatives (FSR) for various military sensor systems.

  • Supply: ALS provides inventory reconciliation services, stockpile distribution analysis, and services in support of other supply chain disciplines including warehouse management and operations.



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ALS, Inc. 209 E. Walnut St. Odon, Indiana 47562 (812) 636-0006

Applied Logistics Services is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer.

Applied Logistics Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cydecor, Inc.

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